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Original Art

Original Art

Owning an original work by J.D. Emmerson is a very good thing, bringing you so much joy and pleasure into your life and living space.

J.D. offers a wide variety of skills and techniques to create his stunning realistic portraits with over 50 years of practice, awards and an amazingly abundant level of blood, sweat and tears too boot.

As President Ronal Reagan once said to J.D., "Promise me... I want you to go out there and make a commitment to excellence in everything you do." J.D. has exceeded that promise to the president and offers his work with integrity, the very best in materials of archival quality and unsurpassed longevity in order to last for generations to come.

Since J.D. has recently reinvented himself and created several new styles and techniques in both painting and drawing, it gives him great pleasure in building unique bodies of work in all of those new styles in the years to come. Knowing his purpose in life and working on it day in and day out keeps him motivated, alive and on fire!



Marlon D.   ★★★★★

I am an avid art collector and I just discovered your art last year in Honk Kong and purchased the original James Dean drawing under resin with deckled edges - I have never seen quite a stunning presentation in such a very long time. Not only is it a show stopper, but an amazing conversation starter as well. It now proudly hangs in our living room and adds so much class and power to the room. I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with next kid... keep going and reaching for the stars.


Lance P.   ★★★★★

I purchased an original J.D. Emmerson piece in Los Angeles at an exhibit in the Enigma Gallery some years back and finding this website shocked me! J.D. has matured so very much in just five years after leaving LA, it was most likely the best move he ever made, other than moving to Hollywood in the first place. J.D. has retired from advertising and I fully support his new vision, purpose and bringing so much beauty into the world.


Jasada M.   ★★★★★

I met J.D. at his art opening in Bangkok several decades ago and I am thrilled to see him at the top of his game. I have commissioned a few new paintings from him recently and they are simply exquisite, full of life, vibrant color and an energy all their own. This is a great and masterful artist to follow!